Fringe Decisions

1. How long you do want your fringe?
2. What yarns are you including?
You can mix yarns for an interesting look. Consider adding some scrap yarn from your stash.
3.How many strands of yarn will be included in each fringe?
You might only use two of a bulky yarn or a dozen for a floaty mohair look.

What you need

Selected yarn
Medium size crocket hook
Small book, DVD case or something similar in size.

Cutting the Yarn

1. Find a book as wide as the length you want for your fringe. A medium size hardcover works well. So does a DVD or CD case if you want it a little shorter. It is easier to trim fringe that is too long than to redo fringe that is too short!
2. Wrap the yarn around the book starting at the opening. Do not pull yarn too tight. Count as you wrap so you have a feeling for how much you have cut. One wrap all the way around is one fringe. This will help if/when you need to cut more.
3. Cut the yarn along the opening edge (it’s just easier to get scissors in this space)

Attaching the yarn

Attaching the Yarn
1. Count out the number of yarn pieces of each yarn type that you want to include in each segment of fringe. You can use from one to six pieces depending on the yarn weight and look you want.
2. Fold in half
3. Use a crochet hook to pull the yarn one end of the scarf or shawl.
The fringe should be located on the edge of the scarf but stable. Try inserting the hook above the cast on or bind off row. You want more than one strand of yarn holding the fringe on.
4. Grab the ends of the fringe yarn and pull through the loop created by pulling the middle through the scarf end.
5. For evenly spaced fringe attach as follows:
a. Right end, left end, middle (this creates two halves)
b. Middle of right half, then middle of left half
c. Take a look at the 4 sections you have created. How dense do you want your fringe to be? If you have enough space to fit 3 more fringe into each section then repeat by placing a fringe in the middle of each section then fill in the other two. If you only have room to fit 2 more pieces then attach them evenly spaced in each section.
6. Count how many fringe you have attached and repeat on other side.

Remember it is easy to take fringe out and start again. Don’t be afraid to experiment.