Hi, I’m Laura and I am a huge sports fan, pro football, college basket ball, soccer ... you name it we like it. I also do much of my knitting while at my kids sports practices and games.

But where are the fun knitting patterns for sports fans? Why were all the patterns basic blocks of color?

That's why we started this subdivision of Bella Knitting - for the sports fan. We use Karabella Aurora 8 for all our projects. It is super soft 100% Merino wool, it's washable and comes in all the colors we needed. If you have not knit with extra fine merino you're in for a treat. It is as lovely to knit with as it is to wear (or put your head on if you're a couch potato resting your head on our pillow!).

Highly Detailed Patterns
Since we are not constrained by a 2-inch wide magazine column we like to spread out a bit. We have a goal to write the best patterns you’ve ever read :) with a nice layout, helpful hints, designer’s notes and how to photos.

Pattern Support
We also think supporting the project after you buy is really important. That’s why our patterns are so complete and why we’ve added even more general and project specific help online. We even have some videos (like the Double Dutch Hat on You Tube). We will add more of these as we go along.

Knitting Nuances
We have just launched a new site that is focused on sharing new or modified knitting techniques. We do this with innovative knitting designs that incorporate the new techniques in ways that show you how it all works. Sports Fan versions of some of these new projects will make their way back here too.

Come over and join us, it's going to be a lot of fun.

Our blog is at

You can find us on Ravelry