Double Dutch Hat

Ready for a challenge? This fun hat is knit in brioche with two yarns (one in each hand) at the same time. This is not the brioche in the round you have seen elsewhere! Designed by Arlette exclusively for Bella Knitting. We recommend trying it for the first time with a friend or knitting group - you'll have a ball laughing at each other until you get the hang of it.

Pair it up with one of our scarves and have fun!
Skill Level: Advanced
Skills Used: Knit with two yarns in two hands, k2tog, skp, ssp, yarn over
Yarn: Aurora 8
Size: Small, Medium and Large (very stretchy)
Pattern Price: Free!
Yarn Requirements: 2 balls; 1 of each color.

The detailed pattern includes step-by-step instructions and photos. There are more tips below and a link to a video so you can bring us home with you. The video is meant to work with your pattern and won't make sense alone.

We blogged about the hat announcement
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